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Lucozade Sport is an isotonic sports drink which provides carbohydrates and electrolytes to enhance hydration and help maintain performance during prolonged endurance exercise.

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Lucozade Sport Lite

Ideal for activities where less energy replenishment is required, with only 50 calories.

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Lucozade Sport

Specially formulated to replace the electrolytes lost during exercise.

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Lucozade Sport Elite

Scientifically formulated to deliver a dual fuel system. With 2:1 Glucose Fructose and caffeine, it’s for serious sport.

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How long are you training for?

Use the slider to indicate how long you train.Your
answer will dictate which Lucozade Sport product will
be most beneficial to you.

30 mins

If you’re doing low intensity exercise up to 30 minutes
then Lucozade Sport Lite, with only 50 calories,
will help to deliver fluid and necessary electrolytes.

60 mins

If you’re doing medium intensity exercise up to 60
minutes then Lucozade Sport is recommended. It’s
formulated to maintain hydration and improve endurance

90+ mins

If you’re doing high intensity exercise for 90 minutes
or more then products from the Lucozade Sport Elite
range will provide you with the optimal Glucose/Fructose
ratio using a unique blended dual fuel system

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