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Thank you for making it to the Keep Us Moving portal where you'll find all of the instructions necessary for you, the coach, to get involved.

The Keep Us Moving initiative is a pledge to help support the fitness and coaching industry by giving you, the experts, the opportunity to host online classes through our social channels.

Every weekday we'll be featuring a different 15 minute session and paying that coach £1k from the fund. 

You will only receive £1k if your session is featured on our social media channels, but rest assured, if we are unable to feature it we will not use, make available or broadcast it anywhere.

We are looking for great workouts, coaching sessions, tips or instructional videos that the nation can do from home to stay active. That's where you come in.

As an expert we want you to send us your sessions, be creative, be fun, be energetic, be safe and most of all keep us moving.

Content Guidelines

To help you get the best possible results, we’ve outlined some important stuff below.

Channels and Format for your video

Primary Channels

Your video submissions will be used on our primary social channels as listed below— but we may also use through our other social channels.

  • IGTV
  • Instagram Feed
  • YouTube

It’s important that your final video file is in the required and supported format:

  • Videos to be submitted as an MP4 or MOV
  • Video should be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 minutes
  • Video size must not exceed 1.5GB

Introduce yourself

Say Hello

At the start of your video, introduce yourself and your company. Share where you’re from, your expertise and a bit about the session you’re about to do.


“Hi, I’m Tom from Southampton. I’m a yoga instructor and today we’re going to do an introduction to Vinyasa Yoga.”

Filming your Video


Please follow our guidelines. We don’t need an Oscar-winning masterpiece, but try to:

  • Film in portrait only
  • Make sure you’re centred, with enough space above and below for cropping
  • Keep equipment to a minimum/ flag any equipment people will need at the start of the video
  • The background should be as plain as possible
  • Film during the day in a good light
  • Avoid filming with windows in the background – though they can light you from the side or front
  • Make sure background noise is minimal (no music, thanks)

Areas to Watch Out For

Things to Avoid

We’ll need you to be on your best behaviour for this appearance, so please:

  • No swearing, or defamatory/offensive language
  • No references to other sports products or nutritional recommendations
  • Keep branding (e.g. clothing) and equipment to a minimum
  • You must be over the age of 16

Submitting your video

When you’ve understood and applied our guidelines to your video, it’s your time to shine!
As well as your video, we’ll need a bit of information about you: your full name, email address, telephone number, address, date of birth, photo proof of your professional qualifications, and social media handles.

IMPORTANT: If you fail to meet our guidelines, we may be unable to feature you.


About Yourself

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Social Handles

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Video and Qualifications

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