It’s episode 1 and Dev & Sam are about to find out exactly how fit they are before they take on the challenge of turning themselves from beginner runner to marathon runner in 12 weeks. They meet up at a café to discuss all their hopes and fears before heading to the Sports Science lab at St Mary's University. 

There they meet Paul Hough, a senior lecturer, who administers a VO2 max test which takes them right to their limit. The loser then has to hand over their phone in a very embarrassing forfeit. 

Finally they meet coach Mark Draper who will be guiding them through this entire process. He talks them through their initial running training plan and gives them the low down on what to expect. There are also plenty of tips and tricks along the way for any novice or experienced runners listening. 

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Dev and Sam meet in a London café to introduce the podcast in partnership with Lucozade Sport and discuss their plans for the next 12 weeks. They will be given a tailor-made running training plan from ex team GB athlete Mark Draper. Along the way, they will meet nutritionists and mindfulness gurus, as well as taking new classes, including hot yoga. The aim of this is to help the listeners at home create a perfect running companion / marathon training plan. 

The two discuss marathon training. Dev, having done one before, wants to do it properly this time. Sam admits that he is a beginner runner and feels more nervous. The two agree to have a wager on their first fitness test. 

They then go to meet Paul Hough, the lead Sports Scientist at St. Mary’s University, who takes them through a VO2 Max Test. This will involve several stage running on a treadmill for three minutes wearing a special mask, with a small blood lactate sample taken after each stage to measure how much oxygen the body can absorb and use while exercising. 

Sam takes the test first, followed by Dev. After some debate, it is decided that Dev won, and he gets to send a text from Sam’s phone. 

Next, the boys meet Mark Draper, who Lucozade Sport have nominated to be their running coach. After a brief history of his own running experience, Mark explains the importance of running technique and building training up slowly to avoid running injuries. He introduces the boys to the concept of running in the park as a group, and how they can bulk out a training plan, as well as giving the boys an opportunity to socialise while running. Sam and Dev talk about how training for a marathon might seem boring, but it’s much more fun with a running buddy. 

Mark then talks Dev and Sam through their training plan, which aside from regular runs, will include interval training, mile reps and minute reps. He will set up a WhatsApp group to give the boys their week’s running training plan every Sunday evening. Mark also offers some tips for first-time runners, including focusing on the duration of a run rather than speed. 

The episode rounds up with the plan for next week, where the boys will be meeting with an expert nutritionist.

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