You are what you eat!

EPISODE 2 - You are what you eat!

It’s episode 2! Dev and Sam meet for their very first run together and Sam reveals how his shin splints have been bothering him. Their trainer, Mark Draper, then provides some key advice on running injuries. Dev chats about his motivations for taking on this challenge and Sam talks about running helping his anxiety. Lucozade Sport organise a meeting with Renee McGregor, nutritionist to the Team GB 24-hour running team, who gives the boys the low-down on all things food and drink, including high energy food and what to eat before a run. 

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Dev and Sam re-introduce the podcast and give a recap of the previous episode, which included the duo doing a VO2 Max Test, and finding out exactly what their 12-week running training journey would involve.

This week, the pair are in London’s Victoria Park to do their first run together. The run will be four miles long, aiming to build up their endurance. Dev and Sam’s coach Mark Draper wants them to try the talk test, a running technique which means if you can’t hold a conversation while running, you are going too fast. Lucozade Sport will also provide them with an expert nutritionist, Renee McGregor, who works for the GB 24-hour running team. 

As they start running, they discuss running injuries. Sam admits that he is finding training difficult with his shin splints, a painful ache between your shin bone and your calf muscle that gets worse after running. Mark adds that this is common when beginners start running, usually when they try to build up too quickly. Other factors that can contribute to shin splints are not wearing the right running shoes and overpronation. Mark tells Sam to reduce his running and replace it with cross training, cardio exercises on a bike, and swimming. He also gives him some running stretches he can do to help with the pain. Dev asks the listeners to get in touch if they have any running training tips. 

Talk turns to how the pair find the motivation to run. For Dev, the best thing is to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Sam admits that the running is helping him with his anxiety. The guys then discuss their diet ahead of their meeting with the nutritionist, and their normal gym routines. After their run, Mark Draper talks them through their running cool down. They then do a 100-metre sprint race, and Sam wins. 

Dev and Sam go to meet nutritionist Renee McGregor, who talks them through the best high energy food, what to eat before a run and what to eat after a run. Drinking a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink such as Lucozade Sport also helps rehydrate post-run. Renee explains what carb loading is, and what to eat on a rest day. She also explains how running gels work, and how to train your body to fuel properly. 

As loser of the race, Dev does his squat challenge forfeit, while Mark Draper gives a few tips on running for beginners. The episode rounds up with the plan for next week, Dev and Sam will meet a very special mystery coach provided by Lucozade Sport. 

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