Anthony Joshua

EPISODE 3 - Anthony Joshua

Dev and Sam meet a surprise guest to help them with their running training - World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua. AJ puts Dev and Sam through their paces in the ring as the guys learn the importance of mixing up your training - especially while Sam rests to help his shin splints. AJ also teaches Dev and Sam the importance of the mental side of training and running. 

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Dev and Sam are back for their third week of running training. Dev reintroduces the podcast and gives a recap of last week’s episode, which involved Sam and Dev brushing up on their running technique, talking about running injuries, and discussing what to eat before a run, carb loading and how to use running gels with expert Team GB nutritionist Renee McGregor. 

This week, the duo are continuing with their running training plan. Dev has managed to complete a few long runs to build up his running endurance, but Sam hasn’t managed to run much due to his painful shin splints. The guys’ Lucozade Sport-appointed coach Mark Draper suggests that Sam should try to do more bike sessions and pool swimming and avoid running for a week while he recovers. 

The focus for this episode is cardio and endurance – and Lucozade Sport have provided Sam and Dev with a very special guest trainer, professional boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua. They meet at Finchley Amateur Boxing Club, where AJ first learnt about boxing, training and healthy living from the age of 18. 

AJ talks to the guys about the mentality behind sport and training, explaining that you have to be mentally prepared as well as physically. He suggests mixing up training by doing a variety of different running workouts, including long-distance runs, hill sprints and 3-minute interval training to raise the heart rate and maintain it, followed by a 1-minute recovery. AJ also offers Sam some advice on running injuries and how you can still safely train with them.

Sam and Dev then go toe-to-toe in the ring with AJ, followed by a 3-minute press-up challenge, set by Finchley ABC’s Head Coach, Sean Murphy. Sam defeats Dev, and Dev takes on the forfeit, which involves AJ, a boxing ring and some powerful punches.

To round off, Dev asks the listeners to get in touch and share their running journey progress, and running training tips, whether they’re a beginner runner or a long-term marathon pro. Listeners can also head to the Lucozade Sport website for a full marathon training plan. The episode wraps with the plan for next week, where Sam and Dev will be trying out hot yoga. 

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