Can You Feel The Heat?

EPISODE 4 - Can You Feel The Heat?

This week, Dev and Sam head to try out hot yoga at Hotpod Yoga with instructor Mel Bentinck. They learn about the physical and mental benefits of yoga for their running training. Sam then challenges Dev to a game of Twister, and the winner takes home a free sports massage provided by Lucozade Sport. Sam and Dev also catch up with coach Mark Draper to chat about their progress, running motivation, and the plan for the next couple of weeks. 

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It’s episode 4, and this week Sam and Dev are taking another step further on their running training journey. Sam recaps the previous 3 episodes, which involved a VO2 Max Test, talking about what to eat before a run with expert nutritionist Renee McGregor, learning how to deal with running injuries, and building up their running endurance with World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua.

Sam and Dev catch up with their Lucozade Sport-appointed coach Mark Draper to discuss their running schedules. Sam, whose shin splints are gradually improving, has managed to run a bit further this week, while Dev has completed a 4-mile and a 10K run. Mark offers some key advice on how to deal with shin splints, including running on soft surfaces, investing in some good running shoes, and icing the affected area. He also gives the guys some useful running stretches.

For this week’s episode, Lucozade Sport have lined up a fun-filled activity for Dev and Sam – hot yoga! They head to meet Mel Bentinck at Hotpod Yoga. Hot yoga involves doing a yoga class inside a 37-degree studio, and helps to lengthen muscles, strengthen the core, and loosen up tightness in the body. Mel offers the guys some advice on yoga for runners and how it can benefit athletes in general. Sam and Dev also discuss how yoga is good for mental health and anxiety, helping you to clear your head and focus on your breathing. Mel also admits to using drum & bass music as a distraction while running!

After their yoga class, Dev challenges Sam to a game of twister, with a free one-hour sports massage provided by Lucozade Sport as the prize. After an intense game, Sam is declared the winner. The guys then meet up with Mark Draper to discuss their training progress. They talk about the importance of core stability strength, how to mentally prepare for marathon training and how to fuel your body correctly using Lucozade Sport products. Dev admits he’s finding the motivation side of things difficult, and Mark suggests creating a routine and sticking to it, as well as starting to mix up his training plan using interval training and different running exercises. For Sam, it’s time to start gradually increasing his distance as his injury gets better. 

To round off, Sam asks the listeners to get in touch and share their running journey progress, and running training tips, whether they’re a beginner runner or a long-term marathon expert. The episode concludes with a teaser for next week, where Sam and Dev will be finding out how running can be combined with helping the local community.

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