Part Of The Club!

EPISODE 5 - Part Of The Club!

It’s episode 5, and this week Sam and Dev are learning all about community and the amazing network of runners around the country. First the guys meet with Adele Prince from GoodGym, a volunteer-led project helping people all over the UK. They then catch up with Chevy Rough, mindful runner, breathing coach and head of running club ChasingLights Collective, who teaches Sam and Dev some breathing techniques to help with their running. 

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We’re onto episode 5, and Dev and Sam have a quick re-cap of the previous week, which included a hot yoga class and learning different ways to mix up their running training. 

The guys discuss their progress to date - Sam is ecstatic to have completed his first 10K, with the aid of a leg sleeve to help with his shin splints, while Dev is still struggling to find the motivation to go running. However, both have noticed an improvement in their overall physique. 

This week, Lucozade Sport have set Dev and Sam up with representatives from two different types of running club – Adele Prince from GoodGym and mindful runner Chevy Rough from the ChasingLights Collective running crew.

First, the guys meet Adele, who gives them the lowdown on the GoodGym collective. The group meet on weekday evenings to help out with physical tasks at community spaces, community gardens and charities. Adele also acts as a running coach to help members achieve their running goals. They then chat about the value of running with other people. Finally, Sam and Dev ask Adele for some marathon training tips. Adele advises doing smaller races first, such as training for a half marathon, to practice timing, fuelling on high energy food and hydration – then stick to it for the big race.

The guys’ coach Mark Draper steps in to explain Sam and Dev’s task for the week – completing a 2-mile recovery run to help them build up their mileage, a key running technique. Sam and Dev complete the run. 

Next, the guys head to meet Chevy Rough to learn about the ChasingLights running crew. Anyone can join ChasingLights, whether they’re pro marathon runners, or people completely new to running who want to build confidence. The key focus is creating a support network and running community to help new runners. Chevy then talks Sam and Dev through mindfulness and gives them some advice on how to listen to your body and ask for help when you need it, whether that’s a physiotherapist or your running coach. Finally, Chevy teaches Sam and Dev some breathing exercises for runners, and they do a couple of laps of the track to practice. 

Mark Draper adds his top tip for the week: find your running community, whether that’s a running club, park run, or individual running buddy. This will help you achieve your goals, and boost your self-esteem and morale.

Sam and Dev wrap up by asking listeners to subscribe, leave a review, and share their training journey – whether they’re a beginner runner or a long-term marathon pro. Next week the guys will be meeting England netball captain Serena Guthrie. 

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