Serena Guthrie

EPISODE 6 - Serena Guthrie

Concluding the first half of this podcast series, in this episode Dev and Sam head to Battersea Sports Centre to meet a very special guest, England netball captain, Serena Guthrie. They chat with her about her marathon training, the Netball World Cup and her love of music. She opens up to them about being diagnosed with Glandular Fever in the run up to the tournament, never skipping the songs she doesn’t like on a running playlist, and the mental benefits of running. She also challenges them to a BPM Beep Test (like a beep test but set to a beat!) Find out whether it was Dev or Sam that came out on top… With the loser having to do a gruelling forfeit. We’ll be back for part 2 of the series, running up to the big event, in autumn!

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It’s Episode 6 of Running The Show and Sam and Dev are back to check-in on their running training progress. Unfortunately, due to recent updates surrounding the coronavirus, the Running The Show series will be paused at the halfway point, but Dev and Sam will be back in the autumn. In the meantime, they will be continuing their running training, and encourage listeners to stay active, stay healthy and to look out for each other.   

The guys’ previous highlights from the series include meeting Anthony Joshua to get some tips on running workouts, trying out hot yoga, and meeting Chevy Rough and Adele Prince to learn more about the role of a running coach in community groups. Both Sam and Dev agree that they have learnt a lot so far, including the importance of having running group or running buddy when training for a marathon.

This week, Sam and Dev will be meeting Serena Guthrie, the England netball captain, who has been doing marathon training while she has a break from the sport, and completing a musical beep test. 

First, Sam and Dev catch up on their training progress. Their Lucozade Sport appointed coach, Mark Draper, set Dev three different runs last week, with the longest being seven miles. Although Dev did have some off days, a key part of running training is not to beat yourself up about missing runs, but continuing to build up to big runs with smaller runs. 

The guys then meet with Serena at Battersea Sports Centre to ask her how her marathon training is going. They also discuss nutrition including high energy food and running gels and drinking Lucozade Sport to fuel for a run. They also talk about how running can help your mental health. Serena started running to see what individual sports were like, having always played as part of a team sport. She tells the guys that joining a running club, park run or a community run can really help boost mental resilience. Serena also talks about her experiences with the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, as well as her experiences coping with Glandular Fever while competing, and her hobby – DJ-ing! 

Next, the guys prepare for their BPM beep test. Coach Mark Draper steps in to explain that this is a basic fitness and agility test, where you run between two lines 20 metres apart as instructed by beeps, or in this instance, music. The pace gradually increases, meaning participants have to speed up. Dev and Sam do the beep test and Dev, as the loser, must do a forfeit – taking five shots at the netball goal, with five push-ups per missed shot.

To finish off the episode, Mark Draper reminds listeners that unfortunately the marathon has been postponed and encourages everyone to stay healthy and active at home if self-isolating. Exercises you can do at home include core stability like the plank, and some yoga sessions – you can even look for these online. 

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