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Whatever your reason for taking on a Marathon, we can help you conquer the road

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Training advice Stay Fuelled Lucozade Advice


Having a varied, balanced nutritional strategy will go along way helping you unlock your potential. 

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Our team of experts have answered common questions asked by runners

Training advice Stay Hydrated drinking Lucozade Advice

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration greater than just 2% of your body weight can have a negative effect on performance. Optimise your training so that you can rule on race day.

Training advice 10 Race Day Tips Lucozade Advice

10 Race Day Tips

Here are ten tips to help you rule on race day.

Training advice Motivation Lucozade Advice


Staying motivated is key to being at your best when race day arrives.

Short Burst Training Lucozade Advice

Short Burst Training

Short burst training sessions are high intensity and are incorporated into many different training programmes for sport.

Training advice Recovery Lucozade Advice


Here are a set of rules to bear in mind during the recovery process.


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Hitting your target time is all about pacing an even race. And that's where our paceband can help.

It breaks your race into even splits and works out your target time for each mile. For example, if you want to complete a marathon in four hours, you should be running roughly nine-minute miles.

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