Maintain motivation during your training

Wherever you are in your personal training programme, staying motivated is key to being at your best when race day arrives.

Here are four simple tips to help stay motivated during your training.

Change things up
Don’t follow the same route every time you go out on your training runs. Use the time to experience new sights and trails to keep things interesting.

Track your progress
Keeping a diary is a great way to track your progress during your training journey. Keeping a log of events as you follow your plan can serve as a motivational boost if you begin to hit a psychological barrier during your training journey.

Know your goals
What was your motivation for doing the race in the first place? Remembering just why you started can help you focus on the end goal.

Visualise success
As race day approaches doubts can set in but having a positive mindset and visualising a successful race can make a big difference.



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