Having a varied, balanced nutritional strategy will go a long way helping you unlock your potential.

When it comes to meals for exercise fruit, vegetables and fat are all needed and should not be neglected but carbohydrates will make up the most of your race fuel. 

For lower intensity sessions of up to 60 minutes a low calorie sports drink such as Lucozade Sport Low cal is perfect for before, during and after to provide fluid for hydration and Vitamin B3 which helps with normal energy release.

But for when you step up to the more intense 60-90 minute sessions and beyond, you may need more. Lucozade Sport  provides the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to enhance your hydration and help maintain your performance .

The human body can store approximately 60-90 minutes worth of energy so anything longer than this will require taking on fuel.

Carbohydrates will provide the majority of your energy during training and race day so should you need that top up Lucozade Sport provides a number of options such as the Lucozade Sport Elite Mixed Berry Cereal Bar suitable before, during or after exercise or carry a pack of Jelly Beans to give you that concentrated burst of carbohydrates to fuel your muscles.

Remember not to neglect your nutrition strategy post-race as well of which a protein bar can form a part. Protein will also help with the maintenance of muscle mass. 

Bodies are like cars, they can’t just run on empty so to get the most out of your run make sure you take on the right food and drink at the right time to perform well.



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