During exercise it is important to stay hydrated.  One of two main causes of fatigue during prolonged exercise is a loss of fluid (dehydration).

Dehydration greater than just 2% of your body weight can have a negative effect on performance. Ensure you follow the advice below to optimise your training and race day.

Everyone knows their own body and it is important to practice and experiment when to take on fluids during your training programme to understand what works best for you. You should aim to consume two litres of water every day, but dependent on your sweat rate your further fluid requirements will differ.

Becoming familiar with your sweat rate will help you manage your fluid needs. The first rule is to make sure you are well hydrated before you start exercising. 

Check your pee colour – is it a pale straw colour? If it is darker, you should try to drink a little more in the hours before starting.

Weigh yourself before and after a training session to see how much fluid you are losing in sweat during your session. Remember to record how much you have consumed as well when doing the calculation!

Lucozade Sport is a great tasting carbohydrate-electrolyte drink that enhances hydration and maintains performance during prolonged exercise. It is therefore a great product to support your marathon nutrition strategy.