Tapering is a vital part of your training programme for any distance – and while it may feel weird to reduce your load in the weeks leading to the race it is important for your body.

Around two weeks before the race you should begin to reduce your training volume, which will help stimulate a peak in performance by letting your body recover from all your hard training without losing adaptations you have made.

A reduction in your training load gives you a great chance to rest and re-charge both physically and mentally for the challenge ahead.

Stick to your training plan which should have your tapering strategy all ready for you but use your extra time to prepare for race day in terms of clothing, travel and other parts you may not have thought about being consumed with running.

The duration and frequency of your training sessions should start to decrease during the tapering period but the intensity should remain high when you do hit the road to train.

While it can be tempting to continue to push your sessions, you want to feel as fresh as possible at the start line.